Relevance of Twitter for PR students???



Relevance of Twitter for PR students???

Twitter, it seems has taken the social media world by storm in terms of accessibility for all. It’s fast, witty, easy to use and of course popular with everyone and anyone with a basic knowledge of networking and an internet connection. It’s ability to keep mass audiences updated with the happenings in the world is it’s key to it’s success along with the follow tags provided. It is now challenging the holy grail of Facebook in terms of popularity and follower figures. the question to ask though in terms of why I’m writing this is whether it’s relevant to us PR students. what’s your opinion?… doesn’t matter, this is my blog.

As a pure tool for keeping fresh and up to date on the goings on in the PR world, twitter has its uses. It provides a quick snapshot of a wide social and business landscape and gives a detailed run down of trends within the PR world, all of which is useful for studious people like me and you. It is a fantastic tool for networking within the public relations scene and does let you into what’s hot or not. I personally feel it’s only flaw is obviously if you were searching for more in-depth info on the chosen activities of certain organisations or individuals, but being a social networking site I expect that to be the case. The fast paced nature of Twitter almost mirrors the way the world of PR moves in terms of actions that companies take or individuals think out. In that sense it’s a perfect look through the window of your chosen ever evolving landscape to study, that not only lets you see what’s happening but occasionally will let you become a part of the processes themselves. Or if you’re not a student I suppose looking at celebrity arguments is the next best thing.


Relevant- yes

Interesting- sometimes

Useful- indeed

Good to write about- hmmmmmm….

Peace and love people,

Captain Squirrel

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One Response to Relevance of Twitter for PR students???

  1. Admin says:

    I agree with what you said about it sometimes being hard to find additional information about something and also about how fast paced it is. I find the speed at which the Twitter feed moves to be its only real downfall as I always feel like I’m missing something.

    As a student there are great advantages which can come from using Twitter such as networking as you stated, I think Twitter would really come into its own though if you were a PR professional with specific connections.

    Looking past that celebrity side of Twitter, it provides a great platform for connecting with people in a much simpler and quicker way than emailing individual people. The only problem is that you’ll be sitting wandering whether the people you want to reach actually read your message or not.

    Twitter is still a relatively young social media platform and they seem to be making good changes all the time. I’m not fluent in Twitter so to speak so maybe I’m missing out on some useful little features but even I can see some great benefits just like you’ve pointed out.

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