PR playing catch up?

Just been reading this blog and feel the need to have my two cents worth;

The link for Gary Lee’s blog is here for you to read;


Media Has Changed… It’s Time for PR to Catch Up


Gary makes a very distinct argument in this blog post regarding the way in which the Public Relations practitioners must change their system of engagement with their market due to the emergence of the internet and it’s major force of use with social media applications. Lee talks about the media boom of the last ten years and how it has effected the target audience for PR people and the way which they now convey key messages and keep track of influential voices and organisations. It has no doubt changed the way that people build relations with customers and sponsors alike and will for the mean time be the quickest, simplest and most economical way of communicating between the two.

However despite the main argument being that it has changed the way that people keep track and communicate Lee goes on to say that it is not necessarily the key technique to use in order to build and even develop any form relation with potential business or market partners. He says that this is the part that cannot be replaced by technology and must be undertaken after sifting through the several layers of voices to find the ones that hold meanings to you, you priorities or your brand. I fully agree with Lee on this point that it is totally acceptable and probably the key means of keeping tabs on developments if you are a PR practitioner but using social media should only be the beginning of any relation you aim to acquire with potential partners or sponsors. It gives you a bold and brief outlook on what is trending and what is the likely successful path to take in your marketing but the hard part comes when narrowing it down to a handful of potential suitors and in my opinion you cannot do that well using social media. You have to get out and use your physical capabilities to create ever lasting relations it is something that media or technology will never be able to replicate.

All in all Gary Lee’s blog raises some key questions regarding the use of social media and why PR practitioners will have to use it to keep up with the front-runners and it was also a good read from somebody that has over 25 years experience within high-tech marketing, thus backing up any argument that he puts forward to be worth listening to. Good stuff.

Peace and love folks,

Captain Squirrel

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