Facebook as a Marketing Tool

As you can see from this fabulous video above 🙂 , Facebook and social media networks have become a vital tool in the armoury of the modern-day business. There is definite evidence that the use of these sites is becoming essential in the modern business, marketing and promotions areas. The ability to transform your companies message into a quicker, simpler and easier form is undoubtably a key means of communication.

The fact that there is now a market place for someone to teach businesses about the use of sites like Facebook goes some way to explaining the massive boom that has happened in the last decade, even if some of the videos are a bit cringe worthy.

There are certain limitations with what you can achieve using these sites, after all there are only so many apps that you can place on your profile page. There does come a slight worry with all these online advertising strategies however, and that is the use of the word SPAM.

In recent times the world of email has seen a huge rise in SPAM and ever more complaints from consumers regarding the non-stop barrage of somewhat pointless advertisements. This is the only minor problem I can see regarding the marketing use of businesses via social media sites. Will it become a pain in the rear end of the daily FaceBooker? Will Tweeters be flying off the walls? Only time can tell but if businesses want to use this way of marketing correctly, it will be carried out, covertly. They will achieve stronger audience figures and more business through quietly going about their ways and not nagging the average users with mindless reminders of their ‘great’ savings or ‘fantastic’ marketing solutions.

Facebook and such sites are for socializing, to mix the world of business and marketing within these is dangerous. It may pay dividends straight away for some marketeers but I fear it may just take the fun out using these kind of sites.

Lets start a campaign…….on Facebook…… :/

Peace and love people,

Captain Squirrel

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One Response to Facebook as a Marketing Tool

  1. Such a Blog says:

    Firstly i agree with you statement about Facebook being used by businesses to promote new ideas and to advertise their company. I wonder if the merging between businesses and social networks is actually a positive move for sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users are bound to increase in numbers and it could well possibly attract new audiences such as the older generations who are already caught up in the business industries. I think that if Facebook didn’t adapt to new ideas, it would eventually die out and people would begin to get bored of just using it for social reasons. Bebo and Myspace have already felt the true force of consumer demands as they crumbled under pressure to adapt to new, upcoming ideas, and im sure Facebook will take every opportunity to welcome companies who want to advertise their products with a click of a button. At the end of the day, it is all about the money now and like you said, marketeers will seek dividends straight away as they snatch up profile space on these social platforms. I personally only use these social networks for contacting people and discussing events etc, but fast forward to a years’ time and i think Facebook will become such an important tool, even when looking for a future career.

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