5 things I have learnt about PR blog posts

A rough guide to how I feel these things should be carried out, they might not be what you think but I believe if you do some of these you will not go far wrong in producing a good blog;

A) Always have a point you can make in your post otherwise it’s just a babbling piece of writing that has no stance on a subject. This makes you look boring and like you don’t know what your writing about, at least if you have an opinion you can stand in one corner and argue that case, be it right or wrong!

B) Never rule out any oppositional thoughts. There is always going to be haters around the corner but never just dismiss them as sometimes they do make valid arguments regarding your work. Everybody has an opinion and to be taken seriously you need to back up why you have chosen to take that particular stance and be able to discuss rationally your view on the subject.

C) Be up to date with your findings. What’s the point in talking about a natural disaster or a national crisis when it’s three four days late??? You need to have access to what’s happening right now and be able to voice your concerns immediately in order to be able to be seen as an informed voice in the industry. If you are writing about something that has already been covered by more than 50% of the internet’s community, your argument gets brushed under the carpet. And similarly you can become influenced by other people’s writings, therefore possibly sub-consciously echoing others thoughts in your own work. That being said there will always be discussions and items of debate that will run through time but try to get your thoughts out there before anyone else.

D) Don’t take yourself too seriously! Nobody wants to read a blog where somebody just runs the rule from one viewpoint for 1,000 words. It’s boring and needless. Try to; be relaxed in your writing manner, accept everybody’s opinions as your’s isn’t the only one that matters, respond to comments with reasonable intelligence, keep a broad-minded view on what’s going on, be the first with your posts not responsive to others and finally be interesting with the posts you make otherwise it’s just unreadable.

E) Fill your pages!!! A blog with just a few words on a subject, one link to exterior sites, no polls and no feeds to sites of relation is just not worth the hassle. Why have a blog if you’re not going to write sufficiently enough to fill the page? Be creative with it and fill as much as you can with relevant information to create a positive visit for the audience and also to gain a good feedback. Afterall nobody wants a bad review of their blog do they?

Captain Squirrel

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